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Good day.

Here is a summary of what happened with out teams. Shamelessly stolen from an email by Tony Sutich:

It is very pleasing to report that Kairangi teams had another good night with 6 teams out of 10 Kairangi teams recording wins.
Congratulations to the 6 winning teams who were:
Novice :  Esmee McAuley’s team with other members last night being Deirdre Ross, Penny Griffith & Stephanie O’Connor. After 2 consecutive draws in rounds 2 &3 the Novice team have nailed it with a good 20 Imps win against the only team (in round 1), to beat them so far this year.
Junior 3 :  Karen Oswald’s team with other members being Darryn McCutcheon, Kate Reeve & Karuna Olatunji. Their good win by 20 Imps puts them in 4th position overall out of 16 teams in the Junior grade and if this can be maintained over the next 2 rounds, puts them into the top 4 qualifying positions for the “Finals” over the last 3 rounds.
Intermediate 2 : Sherry Hughes team with other members being Joanne Gapes, Peter Palmer &  Glenys Checchi. They won by a pretty solid 26 Imps which puts them in 8th position out of 22 teams in this grade. They are only 5 VP’s behind the top 4 in this grade who qualify for the grand final play offs over the last 2 rounds.
Intermediate 4  : Haleigh Trowers team but with Haleigh unavailable, the 4 players who secured by far the biggest win (by 49 Imps which converts to 18.09 VP’s), by a Kairangi team last night were : Jamie McCarthy, Desley Wilson and super subs again: Ian Wilson & Vicki Robinson. This win puts Haleigh’s team in 11th position.
Intermediate 3 : Peter Watts team which includes Angela McDonnell, Alice Watts & Clinton Scott who had a very good win by 33 Imps, – their first of the year. Very pleasing after having 2 very close losses by just 3 and then 4 Imps in the previous 2 matches.
Open 1 : Tony Sutich’s team including Lorraine, Rosa Mishkin and new super sub Lesley Knight who filled in very admirably for regular team member Jude Manhart who is on holiday in Australia. This was a very surprisingly pleasant victory by 24 Imps over the Wellington 1 team who have won the Open grade Interclub event in 5 of the last 6 years. Still not sure how we won it but we will take it and savour it. It is probably akin to Japan beating South Africa in the Rugby World Cup in 2015!  Bridge can be a strange game at times! This puts the team in 3rd position out of 10 teams with all 4 matches won to date in a full round-robin format over 9 playing nights. With it being round-robin, we thankfully don’t have to play this team again this year !
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